Adeline – Sengebakke

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Breakfast in bed – who wouldn’t want that? Adeline is your wingwoman if you want to pamper or be pampered with delicious things, because she is made to serve delicious things in bed or on the sofa. She is a bamboo tray with smart legs that can be folded out, so you get a small serving table that is perfect for those mornings when you just want to stay in bed!

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Serve breakfast in bed with a beautiful bedside tray 

Do you dream of being able to enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed, without crumbs in all the bedding? With Adeline as your faithful companion, it is no longer just a dream, but a reality. Adeline is more than just a bedside tray – she is the ultimate serving solution when you want to serve coziness and delicious things for the perfect morning, regardless of whether it’s in bed or on the sofa.

Use a bed tray both for fun and for work

Adeline is not like the other bed trays – her elegant design and smart functions put her in a class of her own. Made of bamboo and equipped with smart legs that can be folded out, she transforms from a simple tray into a stylish serving table in an instant. Her beautiful appearance and practical functionality make her the perfect choice for any breakfast in bed or cozy evening on the sofa.

A bamboo bed tray that creates coziness and comfort

Adeline is not just a practical serving solution, but also a source of coziness and comfort. With her you can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and pampering, wherever you are. So the next time you dream of breakfast in bed or a cozy evening in front of the television, let Adeline be your faithful companion and create moments filled with joy and well-being.

How do you clean Adeline – Bed Tray?

Adeline just needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth when she needs to be refreshed.